M​​oving Hands

massageshhh! * sound * yoga movement 

Come in and unplug, because life should be one long massage. With 6 years experience in the Healing Arts and over 10 years experience in the Movement Arts, I stand by two pivotal statements: you are what you eat and you are what you art. The gift of touch, sound and movement connects us to our bodies and the earth, while tapping into something celestial if one allows. Let the magick of touch begin and may that path lead you to wondrous findings...

Shanti shanti shanti...go with peace in your heart and mindfulness always!

Please observe the cancellation policy as follows: Moving Hands requires a 24 hour no show courtesy otherwise a $25 fee can be applied.

We are now offering $10 off 

your first massage with Moving Hands 

and another $5 off when you book again.

Moving Hands has recently migrated from their former place in The White House and has now nestled inside Koinonia Apothecary of the Fayetteville/Dewitt area. This location offers a private setting with sufficient parking and a cozy atmosphere. Come check out the services and healthy choices offered there.

Koinonia Apothecary is located at 

6800 E. Genesee St. Fayetteville, NY 13066



Pamper your body with any of the luxurious cleansing methods found on Services page that use carefully selected or homemade applications. Moving Hand's methods come from the years of experience in a renowned spa environment along with the knowledge and love of essential oils and natural-ingredient based DIYs. This is the therapeutic balance your body needs.



Moving Hands takes pride in their work, especially when it comes to buying or homemaking products that will be used on you! We typically (but not always) use organic and only cold-pressed oils that do not undergo an added chemical during the expellant process. Select a modality for your needs with a desired duration or let a Moving Hand's staff member customize your massage based on your needs and ailments.